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Monday, August 23, 2010

Homosexuality and Right to Life

God’s final word on Homosexuality was the complete destruction of Saddam and Gomorrah.
Queerism is irritating, counterproductive and ant species.  The issue of whether gays should be allowed to marry takes too much away from important policies and politics in the United States.  The answer should just be NO.  Which is exactly what you would tell one if they asked or tried to have sex with you.  Actually if you were like me you would probably come near to cracking their skull open and killing them in defense as I did once to get one off my back before. 
  There is an evil in our society that likes to make queers out of boys.  They do this to live off their souls.  I saw this attempted while I was in Catholic Grade School.  It might be two Jewish friends that are boys kissing in an effort to make you want to kiss boys too.  It might be the troop leader of the Boys Scouts at the Catholic School turning his back on a son that finds its way into his son’s sleeping bag with his own son.  Now I know it is not all Jews that do this.  Jesus Christ the last thing I ever want to do is incite another genocide or holocaust.  It might be a series of Catholic Priests in Ireland molesting boys.  A woman Italian comedian, name sounded like Panchetti, I once saw on television said, “There is no difference between an Italian and a Jew.”  I can readily understand this.  It is said that the earliest of Jewish Settlements where in Italy.  So therefore you would probably have mostly the same genetic makeup.  It is also where the derivation of the word fellatio comes from. And indeed Italian men and Jewish men look the same, they also look like Arab men and Russian men and Spanish men to me.  The dark hair and facial structure.  I know the evil that I speak of is present in many countries.  They also look like Republicans to me.  We know who the Pharasies are they were Romans the lineage of Italians and Jews. The bible tells us that the Pharasies loathed Jesus Christ.  The bible also tells us that satan also loathed Jesus Christ.  Can we easily put two and two together.  It’s not that hard to do is it. Jesus Christ was sold by them to them for thirty pieces of silver.  Is this same group stealing souls for money today?  You bet they are.  They don’t crucify people today they just put them on psychiatric medicines they cannot get off of as they have been weakened by the soul stealers all their lives and seek the comfort of unreality the medicines provide.  Little do they know that the soul stealers do not win anymore when their victims are not medicine or zombified.  In fact they end up being about as smart as the day that they were born. Soul stealers also thrive on discarded semen.  Don’t masterbate as it strengthens and reinvigorates their evil selves. When Einstein said, “God doesn’t roll dice.” This is what he meant whether he knew it or not.  For all I truly know those without a soul are secretly of a lesser species than others.  Maybe they are of the Mongoloid race and therefore more savage.  You would have to be of a lesser species to be part of a group that would steal souls.  The definition of inhumanity as it applies here is the stealing of a soul or those who do so.  How do they steal souls, they molest people, they chant to people and today they utilized nonlethal weapons to steal souls.  Nonlethal weapons are indeed the sickest issue humanity has ever faced.  Directed energy weapons are used to drive people from their minds and make them incapacitated and unable to speak about what was done to them.  I am speaking up for those who cannot right now.  You do the same if you know about it and are a good person too.
Why were so many Irish molested by Catholic priests?  Because the Irish intellect is far greater than any other and therefore a prime one for soul stealing.

Back to the issue of homosexuality.  Marriage is a union between a man and a woman.  Why?  Love and the resulting survival of the species.  Why does the species survive if we define marriage as the union between a man and women? Because that is how people are made, the union between a man and women.
If we continue to give them rights and greater prominence God will destroy them and us along with them as he did Sodom and Gomorrah.

On Abortion-First Thing First
Before the Catholic Church ever even gets the gall to tell be a mother cannot abort their child.  They have to reconcile with me all the children that are tossed from foster home to foster home and abused.  They have to tell me how they can say anything regarding children at all when they seek to molest them and steal their souls.  FIRST THING IS FIRST, GOD DAMMIT CATHOLIC CHURCH, FIRST THING IS FIRST. You tell me how you are qualified to comment on the relationship between a man and a woman when most of you are gay.  You are not allowed to marry.  Why are you, priests, not allowed to marry? Because once upon a time in the history of the Catholic Church you were sympathetic to having more priests join, you were sympathetic to queer men.  Sympathy is great virtue to have.  Why not let priests join the Catholic Church and marry. Would that not be sympathy? We want to let homosexuals marry in our society and not priests.  Priests were once allowed to marry.  What are we going to do today let gays marry and then see a wave of Catholic Priests marry?
You will never get first thing is first right because it deals with an issue in life that you are not able to address.  Your policy is the stealing of souls under authority of a priest; you cannot say anything in defense in light of current evidence against you.  Whether the Catholic Church was always this way I do not know.  But the world is rapidly catching up to the soul stealers and they will soon be exposed for the good of humanity for all eternity.  Mothers and Fathers will be able to guard their children from their evil influence, as soul stealers will be made to tow the line or ostracized from communities and countries.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to people even soul stealers.  I just want them to cease and desist from the stealing of souls for all eternity- period.  The only way this can be done is if they are exposed for what they are.
I don’t know how all homosexuals are created maybe some were effeminate by an older brother, maybe their father.  Maybe their father treated them like a stone cold prisoner and therefore they seek the love of men later in life to fill this void in life.
I am not a homophobic.  I treat ALL people with respect.  I enjoy carrying on a conversation with one person as much as the next and it does not matter who or what they are.  No matter what race or religion.  You can learn something by talking to anyone.  That is if you learned how to think and learn in the first place.  It is when you infringe upon my rights and the rights of others in this country I voice my opinion in writing in addition to what I say to you.   And I do this for the good of humanity.  I often applaud homosexuals either men or women as they speak more of a level headed opinion.  Often they say profound things that need to be said and everyone else is afraid to say or doesn’t know should be said.  Sometimes in my life I have seen them get the opinion right where no one else could.
I enjoy a sense of camaraderie by participating in sports with all men.  I do not feel this way with queers though.  They seem to grate my nerves somehow.  I don’t know what it is, it is just queer.  It is as if they do not understand the world from a physical sense the same way I do.  Maybe it is a feeling that they are irresponsible and could not see something of danger, like if a ladder was only balanced on one leg.  Maybe they are not tough at all or if tough in a belligerent way.  To be honest these behaviors of theirs I find revolting and sickening.  Maybe when I see a man that talks like a women I think he cannot hold his own weight.  Something for the military to think about.  What man would talk like a women and not expect to get pushed around.  A man that talks like a woman has the intent of being “Used” like a woman.  I don’t want to use men as women, what man does. The concept grates my nerves.  And indeed I am always seeking to find and marry a woman to use a woman.
God created the aids virus as another warning to mankind.  These are indeed the end times.  The flood in Pakistan was of Biblical proportion they said on the news. If you don’t think when God has had enough he has had enough and will do something about it you are wrong. If you think you can and will get away with evil you are wrong.  If you think there is safety in numbers regarding the evil that you do, you are wrong.  Souls are being judged.  Some will be raptured to nonexistence.  Some, the few good men and women, will thrive further and set the new example for the world to follow.  God has been allowed to see the best of the human species and he has picked them as the progenitors and stewards of the new world to come.  Good will triumph and evil will perish completely.
God will not know those who have done evil in his name.  The false righteous will be denied resurrection in the new world to come.    God sees out of the eyes of those who are victimized.  And those that are victimized and go onto victimize others in return have been judged and will no longer exist in any form of spirit and neither will those in the league of Satan.
It is a simple equation man plus women equal more men and women.  Man plus man equals no more man or woman.  Woman plus woman equals no more man or woman.   And that is what we are males and females not some test tube children of homosexual parents of the future. Why don’t we promote this true equation for the survival of the species and not the one that results from stealing souls?
I guess what ties this whole article together is what Major Ed Dames a member of the United States militaries spook program once said on a late night talk show.  Sodomy is the mark of the Devil.  And per definition, the Devil is souless.
And if you don’t like what I say and seek grievance against me I will leave this country.  You already know what I don’t like about it.

God Bless Those Who Speak the Truth
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright Thomas Paul Murphy

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  1. No matter how we feel about same-sex marriage, the exegesis for the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis makes us uncomfortable. Why? Because the deed Adam and STEve did, according to the evidence, was sodomy--the mystery the bishop of Hippo almost solved 1600 years ago. (He thought the sin was penile/vaginal.) For more information google The First Scandal Adam and Eve. Then click, read, and click again.