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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Crime Against Humanity 08 29 2010

Jews will steal your soul and use it for everything it is worth.  Can I accuse all of them of this? No.  But I definitely know that some do. The bible tells us of their precedent for this.  They will use it for everything from teaching deaf children how to hear to patenting and profiting from every invention that you ever thought of.  They will use nonlethal weapons on you that cause great emotional pain until your internal dialog is screaming.  They will drive you out of your mind and live life just as if they were you.  Nobody in this country has the courage to stand up to them.  And they use the holocaust to hide from any guilt from stealing souls.  It is as if you accuse them of doing any wrong at all you are a Nazi or Hitler.  Today they use the same tactics that Hitler did and their hatred for their victims is the same as Hitler’s.  When they commit a crime against humanity that means that you are a Nazi or Hitler.  They are a band of people that encompass the globe and steal and profit from the souls of others.  In their coordinated effort to steal souls are Catholics, Lutherans, Protestants, Indians, blacks, Italians, Germans, Irish, Hispanics, etc. you name it.  One percent of our population lose their souls to this band of people.  It is called it psychosis and it represents a great cost to countries and many people are made to suffer by them.  But it is really them harassing people until they hate themselves.  Until they can no longer think for the hatred they have for them.  Harassed until they lose their minds and can be possessed by them.  Once possessed by them, they can kill you or cause you to do things that will discredit yourself.  Like a cat waiting to strike they wait until you are at your most vulnerable moments and screw you up.  The average common man would never believe or conceive of the evil that they do.  It is beyond reason.  Making the accusation puts a person in conflict with everyone in the world.  They even wait until you are almost done writing something to get into your train of thought and put an ugly tail on it.  When you screw something up it is their way of signing their name to it.  Like a band of graffiti artists spray painting buildings as this is there only way to protest their lower status in the world.  Nothing delights them more than when you are injured and in pain.  When you show them your accomplishments they cannot mask the jealousy and hatred they have for you.  Anytime you are happy it makes them very angry and they come out of the wood work to ruin your day.  They are tapped into the military industrial complex of many countries today as a means of maintaining control, and have access to horrific unseen technologies of torture.  They fight the war of attrition against individuals to break them down.  To make a person feel less than what they truly are is the perfect crime.  In the world today if you were to fight a devil who knew how to read men’s minds as the bible states it would be them.  There is no way to beat them other than to suffer and try and keep your health for as long as you can.  These people regard those that are not like them as pieces of meat that they can cut and do with whatever they please.  I often see a stone cold heart in them.  As mothers they are like nothing you could ever imagine concerning their love of their children.  They use nonlethal weapons to torment individuals and cause great pain in them.  This is the same behavior of a mother cat will not kill a mouse but will wound it and let her children play with it until it is dead so that they learn.  I have a strong belief that Russian Jews are the worst offenders in this country.  They relentlessly harass individuals who after a very short period of time no longer have the capacity to assert themselves.  A devil that can read your mind can contrive and play more games with you than you could ever conceive.  Victims no longer have the capacity to think.  This is when the cat closes its door on the cage and puts you on zombifying medicine until you die.  This is how souls are stolen.  When a soul is stolen most of their skills are no longer available to them.  This includes intellect, ideas, constructs, manual skills, artistic skills, energy, and futures, etc.  They go to great lengths to prevent someone from using their own skills.  They have technologies that create a magnetic pulse that disrupts your memory.  They have technology that shatters your eardrums and makes them bleed.  The have technologies that create a field around you that makes it impossible for you to think.  Like a mother cat teaches their young to kill prey they preserve their secret through these “Active Denial” systems. The hatred they have for their innocent victims could never be imagined.  A boy or girl growing up in the world would never believe that their future would be the focus of such hatred and torment.  This is why the Arab world hates us; they know this just as I do.  This is not what our country was created to be and this is not the way the world should be either.   I could give you many references to the work of artists and musicians that have expressed this in their works but I won’t.
Have autistic children had their souls stolen?  The book of revelation gives us some insight that this is true.  And if adults can have theirs stolen a child or even an unborn babies would be easier to steal than an adult.
Why do I write this?  Because I do not believe that anyone should face the horror of this suffering.  It has gone on for quite some time the list of victims and lives ruined from them would be enormous.  One percent of the world’s population is affected and that is forty million people.  And the composition of the list of background of victims is probably much the same as the perpetrators.    What their side, is I would sure like to know?  I would like to see this admitted by them and what their defense is?  Because it is not, I assume that there is no legitimate reason.  A personal gain created without any shame because the crime would be hard to prove. Like the political strategy of not giving a question validity by answering it.   It will never be revealed as they will deny any wrong doing and instead accuse you of being a genocidal Nazi.  It is an easy wall to hide behind.  Why do I write this?  I am speaking for that one percent of the population that can longer speak for itself and will never be able to.  Headstones at best in a cemetery that no one knows about.  Souls of people never known, stolen and shoveled over.  Why am I writing this?  It is a crime against humanity. 
I know I could face repercussions for what I write here but I know with all my heart it is true.  And people should not be sacrificed in this manner.  We should be far beyond this in our evolution and time on this earth.  To have so little confidence regarding your children and insecurity with regard to their future so much so that you steal someone’s soul to give them a head start over others.
I know that I might face repercussion for what I know is true.  Go ahead get mad at me.  Why would you get upset with me, I accused you of stealing a souls?  You just add credibility to what I know is true.  Those who benefit from stolen souls often do not even know that they did so.  They could not believe any more than the victim who can no longer express themselves because of it could when it happened to them.
I have measured the magnetic pulse from these devices on a magnetometer and measured the force of the ear piercing sound intensity on a sound meter.  I have had microphone attenuated microwave beam hit me on the side of my head and bleed from the ear and nose and teeth.  I have pulsed with a microwave click that can make a person pass out.  I have been pulsed with a device held by a Russian Immigrant that just about knocked me out.  A black girl sitting next to me was in its path also and went into a tired dizzy haze.  Like I said this is not what our country or the world was meant to be.  This horrific torture is not what men or human beings do.  Why do I write this?  What else could I do?  What else would they let me do?  Would they possess a person to write negative things about them so that they can then accuse you of being something you never were before and would never want to be? Yes they would.  Do they seek to contrive negative emotions in people? Yes they do.  They would do anything to steal a soul and discredit, disenfranchise, etc.  And it is an easy accusation to deny.  And once the crime has been committed the resulting arrogance from living off a stolen souls negate the belief that any crime was committed in the first place.  They believe they are you and that you are not you! The devil hates the truth because his/her world is the one of delusion.

And if you think that I am a racist, skin head or Nazi you are wrong. And if you are one of these do not seek me out.  For all I know the origin of this crime in its modern form is the Nazi party.  As a matter of fact I know that is true also.  That the United States brought the German scientist in the Nazi party to this country after the war.   And that was probably the origin of “modern psychiatry” in this country.   Why do I write this?  Because people are being actively denied from benefitting from the use of skills they developed in themselves.  They are being robbed of their talents.  Where do all their skills go?  On the television and in the bank of those that stole them.  I treat all people the same with kindness. Why do I write this? I know that nonlethal weapons are being used covertly against innocent United States Citizens in this form of hatred and torture and I want it stopped.
Do I know?  You God Damned Right I Do!
Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy
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