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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Electrowitch 08 23 2010

The book of Revelations from the Bible tells how a dragon (woman) wanted Mary’s son, Jesus, to be less than human.  The Electrowitch of today is armed with the technology to do this.
Not even our government knows of some of this technology.  And those that do are part of the evil that goes to great lengths to conceal its existence.  Private industry and the Military Industrial complex run this country.  They have done so since the assassination of President Kennedy.  If you think this is not a bad thing you do not remember the Holocaust in Germany was heavily influenced by the military industrial complex.  The German Krupp’s and there are even links from the Bush family to the Military Industrial complex of WWII.
The reason?  There is a different species among us.  The reason that they are different is that they were raised as Satan to be able to read men’s minds.  A species that is the opposite of good- evil.
As evil it is self-serving and cares little for the greater good.
The Republican Party personifies this demon in every way.
Nonlethal technologies are used to torture people by the mothers of Satan.   The bible tells us in Revelations that a dragon (Mother) could not stand that Mary was pregnant with the child of God.  When the child was born she wanted it to be less than human.  Soul stealing mothers such as these are alive and thrive today and their goal is the same.  To zombify an adult, fragment their mind and give their own children a head start in life by doing so.
  Some are Jewish and Italian but they are represented by all religions and cultures.  Whoever they let in the door to the house of Satan would seem to become a member.  They care not for this country, they just want to get ahead, to fillet off the skin of someone that has learned for themselves and possess great knowledge and wear it as a suit.  To wear the skin of someone they zombify to the state of a wicked cadaver.  Someone that then falls into their network of psychiatry for which they will never likely escape from.  A net they are likely to die young in.
If such a soul survives, the soulless league of Satan seeks to ruin any moments of happiness they have in their lives.  Why? Because when the one with the stolen soul is happy they are miserable as it detracts from their own stolen souls.  One percent or more of our population are victimized by them.  And they do indeed victimize their own kind.  Just as the Pharisees (who were Romans (Italians today) and Jews) attacked and nitpicked Jesus Christ they attack their victims today in a jealous effort to keep them soulless.  They feed on the souls of others like piranha do on animals that fall into the Amazon River.  The legend of the Amazon women is real more today than ever in the United States of America.
Priests are not men they are like their mothers and queers.  The evil of our society have created more queers than you could ever imagine.  Overprotective mothers raising effeminate sons.  Sadistic mothers and fathers creating through a psychological rebound response creating gay sons and daughters.  The gay person created in such a family has no will to procreate as they do not see their parents as role models or their family as one of love and beauty. Some of the sons and daughters of Satan feel empathy for those that are victimized and through an oddly transformed love become gay when indeed just to the opposite later in life they should have found this their call to inaction against injustice.   It is too late for them by this time in life, they have been channeled into what they are, and this is indeed in support of the league of Satan.  Queers building up queers.  Soulless creating more soulless.
The soulless know anything they ever achieve in their lives was not of their own accomplishment.  They have those victimized by the Electro witch to thank.  Those the Electrowitch drove out of their minds and into their own to thank.  But as they are evil they can’t and never will thank them.  They will never give credit where credit is due.  They were raised evil and it lessons them tremendously to thank people and give credit where credit is due.  It is not what they believe or what they were taught to believe.  And it hurts them to do this.  All they consist of is their egos. And for an ego to say it is not of its own is the most destructive thing that can ever happen to “All that is only Ego”.  They were taught to believe everything in this world really belongs to them, including the souls of others…..  So therefore they never have any guilt about the pain and suffering they cause to others in life.  And they cause great pain and suffering.  The Bible says those who suffer are truly blessed.  And yet those who suffer do not feel blessed.  This is one of the few things Jesus taught that I have not truly come to fully understand.

God knew of their existence and therefore promised what did not belong to them to them.  This was his way of keeping them at odds with everyone else in the world.  He has done this until all of their evil could be known.  And evil have now revealed themselves and the time of the apocalypse is now at hand.  God has seen through the eyes of their victims and Satan in totality will be destroyed.  Their souls will be purged from their bodies and completely destroyed with no trace of them left.  And no evil hope of any trace of them ever to return to be sadists to humanity.  The human race that will remain will be one of peace and love for all eternity.
A world of equality where man is rewarded by his own hard work and not by stolen knowledge and resulting gain.  The book of Revelations also tells us that all autistic children have had their souls stolen. The league of Satan steals the souls in its own league also.  It is a poetic justice that there is no discrimination in their method and the souls of their own children are sometimes stole by others in the league of Satan.
If you have ever heard the term, “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” And then laughed as I did when I was younger upon hearing this absurdity, because your mother was a good and loving person like they are supposed to be, as mine is.  You laughed because you could never conceive of a women being different than that.  Don’t laugh, because it is indeed the female of our species that steals souls.  Can I ever prove this?  I don’t have to prove the existence of Satan; the Bible has told us that for a fact.
The “Black Operations” carried out by our defense department or our military industrial complex today is creating a feudal society.  Our society in the United States of America will end up much like we see in the Middle East.  Why? Because we had the opportunity to lead the rest of the world by good example and failed to do this.  The world and the United States will be ruled by those who steal souls.  The “Black Operations” going on today were implemented by the Bush administration and support the evil will of the Republican Party.  However the United States Government can no longer account for the “Black Operations” technology it created and was funded by our government.  Often such technology was created by Universities and specialized defense corporations.  When the defense department does not have the money to buy it is sold to the private sector and finds its way to individuals who use it against their neighbors.
The technology was disseminated to local communities and the records relating to it were destroyed in one of the buildings that was RAISED by us immediately after the 911 attack.
Those that are part of the “Family” use the technology against members of the local communities to drain them of knowledge for their own personal gain.  Some of the technologies are known and revealed by the United States government.  Some are from foreign countries.  Remember the USSR was microwaving our buildings in Washington DC in the early 1970’s.  Russian immigrants and their crime syndicate do this to United States citizens every day in order to gain an edge.  And there are a variety of technologies they utilize on individuals.  Just as Saddam Hussein had an array of implements on his table, these unseen weapons used to steal souls and then “Actively Deny” it are just as diverse.
These high technologies greatly impede the progress of the country and the health   of the world, as they are only used for personal gain.  They can be considered the scapula of Mengula.  The league of Satan has no real ties to any country; their only tie is to their league of Satan.
There are technologies that are microwave based.  They are activated and implemented by the children of Satan.   Evil and odd children with the intent to make an adult cry.  For their own good and the good of humanity the worse thing an adult can do in this circumstance is cry.  Because it would lead the child to believe that he could go around everywhere and tell adults what to do, and that would not be good for them.  Not all adults are nice to children, think of your catholic priests as just one example of the point I just made.
This technology that our government has denied the existence of has indeed lead to much of our own technology and money leaving this country, to foreign countries such as China, Russia, India, etc., etc. Universities also benefit from tapping stolen minds.  Soul stealers sell whatever they can to those who are in the market.  That is part of their definition; they have no conscious to prevent them from doing so.  They have no allegiance to a country and ultimately are often expelled for what they do.
I guess what ties this whole article together is what Major Ed Dames a member of the United States militaries spook program once said on a late night talk show.  Sodomy is the mark of the Devil
God Save Us From the Electrowitch

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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