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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Slavery is still Going on Today 06 19 2012

Slavery is still going on today. The Satanic race could not compete with the rest of us if they did not have slavery in some form.  Everyone labeled schizophrenic is indeed a mental slave to the Satanic race.  And the satanic race is exactly as defined in the Bible, exactly.  This form of slavery was legitimized by our Government after WWII.  And we do indeed have a document that spawned from Nazi Germany that defines how one can fall under the legal requirement to become the mental slave to the Satanic race.  IT is called the DSM3.  Not only that the use of electronic harassment weaponry is rampant in this country and the world today and it facilitates the mental incapacitation of a person.  Our own Government admitted that they discovered an electronic means to make a person hear voices in their head way back in 1991.  And if you want to go back further than that Nikolas Tesla was marketing a particle beam before WWII that was capable of much the same.  Maroni was a proud fascist in WWII and he invented many magnetic wave devices.  The human mind thinks via electricity- that is right your thoughts are based on electricity crossing the synapses of your brain.  There is indeed the technology today that works just like a radio transmitter in a tower and can indeed “Blank Out” your thoughts.  If you feel that you are a victim of this turn on your radio, it works better with AM and start to think creative thoughts.  If you hear a crackle on your AM radio it means that there was magnetic interference.  The FCC is supposed to regulate this but that is not what is happening- you have just been zapped with a magnetic pulse via what has been termed Active Denial system.  Your soul is being actively denied from you!!!!  It has been stolen.  The computer chip as said to double in speed every year?  Can you imagine how far along this evil technology has come since before WWII?

Like I said the Satanic, as exactly defined in the Bible, cannot compete with the rest of us on fair terms.  And there is big money in it for them when they latch onto a highly intelligent person.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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