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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dateline Tonight: Barry Beach Trial 06 10 2012

Dateline Tonight: Barry Beach Trial 06 10 2012

 Not only was enough information presented to find Barry Beach innocent of the crime of murder but  there was enough witness testimony presented to find the four women guilty of murder.  Not only that the Police Officer, the Louisiana Detective and Governor Roscoe also have questions of justice to answer to.

The picture of Barry Beach’s father indicated that he was a Native American. 

Centurion Ministries made the comment that they had freed some 200 men of crimes and 25% of them had confessed to committing the crime but the physical evidence was found to betray that conviction.

So how do they get the 25% of men to confess to crimes?  It is very simple and it is satanic.  The Satanic race lives off the life’s energy of its victims.  And when a person that they are dependent minded to ejaculates the Satanic are given new vitality in life.  Not only that many of the Satanic receive such a new soul that they are able to assume entirely new careers on the souls of their victims.  But it gets better the reason the 25% are forced into confession is because at this time of weakness the Satanic race can demonically possess those whose souls they are stealing.

Centurion Ministries- it might seem rather farfetched to you but you should survey every one of those 25% who falsely confessed and ask them if they had ejaculated immediately before the time of the confession.

Facts as I saw them on the television show.

1.       If the bloody hand print was not Barry Beach’s nor the murder victim it means that he did not do it.

2.       Where was the accountability for the taped confession?  That did not seem to bother the high and mighty Roscoe.

3.       The witness testimony indeed finds the four friends guilty.  We need to ask the question why did this most recent judge not find Barry Beach innocent?  The reason is very simple; he is protecting the true nature of the crime and the criminals involved.  For is Barry Beach was set free those four girl friends would be charged- and they would start spilling the beans.  Which leaves the question- who in particular has the strongest connections?

And where are the Church and ministry leaders in this?  How were they involved?  Were there confessions heard?  I believe that are religious leaders are guilty of more crimes than molesting boys.  We need to look at all unsolved murders in terms of where were the priests in terms of time and place when murders have occurred.

What was the true motive for killing the young woman?  It is one that you will never hear about.  Those four (teenage?) girls might have been dependent minded to the soul of the murder victim like a dog is to its master.  When she left town for the big city the psychological effect on them would  be greater than any that has recognized terminology.

Centurion Ministries there is a whole ball of wax that you could not comprehend and it has to do with the dependent minded (They are termed Satanic in the Bible).  When someone they grew up around becomes successful the dependent minded seek to ruin that person.  In some cases they drive them from their souls, the victims are termed schizophrenics.

My Grandfathers death was suspect.  He was found lying in a snow bank.

My father died in the hospital after a week of being constipated without anyone giving him the proper treatment.  Also right after he graduated from college he had food poisoning and almost died.  My grandmother on my father’s side also was labeled with the term schizophrenic.  My mother was valedictorian of her High School class and she was doped by her closest friends upon graduation.

This issue of the Satanic as termed in the Bible is one that has been ignored in all modern philosophies.  Why?  The Satanic hide in plain sight.

By the way my latest novel is termed “The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper”.  You might like to get a copy and read it.  I have also written about the Satanic in my blog and my blog site:  I have many other blogs that I have created and they are listed at  Since I created that website an Israeli person has created one that has almost the exact same address and even I have trouble getting to my website and not theirs.

Oddly enough you should look into whether the men ejaculated prior to the false confessions.  Do you remember the term from the Bible, “And Lots seed was lost on the ground?”  Who would care?  Who would know?  Ask yourself those two questions.

Also I would question the nature of Barry Beach’s mothers heart attack.  There is indeed the technology today to falsely induce a heart attack.  The technology was even marketed in Europe by Nikolas Tesla before the start of WWII (that fact is from an Investor’s Business Daily biography of him.)

Why do I write you?  In the interest of fairness, justice and peace.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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