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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Son of Man 09 19 2010

Once upon a time in the early history of man one ape man was different instead of spending time throwing about and killing the ape sons of the women in his group he took them under his wing.  After saving them he stood up on two legs and was very proud.  He pranced around like this for awhile to let all the other apes that he was proud of what he did and they should be proud if they did the same thing. In the early vocabulary of ape-man this ape became known as the Son of Man.  All other male apes up to that time were raised by the females of the ape tribe.  Son of man then often stood up on two legs so that he could spot the actions of other apes from a distance.  This sent a message to other apes in the tribe that he stood ready to protect them from danger and they came to view him as their Savior. 
Son of man was different in that he actually had a father of strong spirit that cared for him.  “Father” taught Son of Man many things, how to make tools and use tools.  What were the best foods to eat, how to think, how to form reason and rationalize.  How to organize and lead other apes through example, how to get along with other apes of different tribes, how to help those in need, how to stick up for the weaker tribe members.
Every ape seemed to look up to the son of man ape.  When other apes were in danger from foreign animals Son of Man always stood before them to face the danger.  That was just the nature of Son of Man as they called him.  He was indeed righteous without even knowing that he was. 
 God in heaven was so proud of what his creation had become he had gave him limited powers to control the natural world.  In fact Son of Man did not know but the natural world did revolve around him.  When Son of Man became angry the heavens then too became angry.  The world followed in the son of mans footsteps.
But one day Son of Man started to have difficulties.  In turns out that Sons of Women- that is sons that were raised and strongly influenced by women, started to become jealous and envious of Son of Man.  These Sons of Ape woman sought to destroy Son of Man in every way possible.  They tried to kill him many times.  Sons and daughters raised by ape women hated Son of Man as they compared themselves to him and did not like the comparison.  Therefore they sought to do   everything they could to lessen their negative comparison to Son of Man.   They even went about calling themselves Gods in an effort to make themselves and Son of Man believe in their jealous delusion. 
Ape Woman indeed felt that she was the spirit of creation and not Son of Man and she set about to prove it.
The daughters of ape women sought to tempt him to ruin, in every way possible.  They sabotaged everything he did in an effort to betray his confidence in himself.  They too thought they could in some way harness his power.  But they were never able to and the world suffered because the more they tried to lesson Son of Man the more God loved him.  Every time they tried to ruin Son of Man God struck back at them in untold and poetic ways.
They tried to make Son of Man feel guilty for every action and thought in his life.  The Ape Women taught their daughters and then sons also to fixate on every action of Son of Man.
Son of Ape Women thought that if they were to torture Son of Man and give him great angst they would be able to splinter off some of the almighty power and beauty that God had bestowed to Son of Man, power and beauty that Son of Man never asked for.   What they never were able to realize through their haze of self imposed jealousy that Son of Man was blessed for his actions early in life and that God did not reward the others for their illegitimate efforts.  God knew the souls of each of his creatures and knew their intent.  They did not know of this either as they acted in spite and jealousy to Son of Man.  Never did they figure out for themselves that they needed to think for themselves and consciously form their own ideas of right and wrong.  And that only after suffering by trying and thinking for themselves would they be redeemed in the eyes of God.  It was just that simple but they were never able to figure it out for themselves.  By the comparison they that were indoctrinated with kin of Ape Woman always felt themselves less than Son of Man.  If they ever did a good dead they were always sure that Son of Man knew about it.  God judged them therefore that they did not to do good deeds for good deeds sake.  But only to try and convince the Son of Man that they were better at doing good deeds.  God knew that good deeds should be done for good deeds sake and sometimes were self sacrificing; he knew this was never the true nature of Son of Ape Woman.  All through their lives and that of their progeny they never had the proper intent to do good deeds.
The progeny of Ape Woman even held themselves out as the righteous ones.  Son of Man was somewhat lessoned in his self confidence and power of self because of this.  Because Son of Man cared for others their actions of aggression against him hurt his feelings of self. 
Because they were raised in competition to Son of Man they eventually got so jealous of Son of Man that they sought to kill him once and for all.  They could not stand to be the same image of Son of Man a reflection of themselves they had come to hate.
Sons and daughters of ape women tried to imagine him in dangers and deeds of great peril and Ape Woman sought to destroy Son of Man through spells. God heard their spells against Son of Man and put his Son of Man to the test by allowing them to put Son of Man to the test of their spells.  Their spells against Son of Man did indeed lesson Son of Man further. 
Sons of Ape Women knew that their spells were indeed being put into reality against Son of Man they could see how he was put in situations of great peril according to their will and suffered greatly as a result of them.  What they did not know was that God was really putting Ape Woman and her progeny to the test.
And so Ape Women and her progeny where put to the test unknowingly throughout their history.  All this time because of their intent and actions they remained Ape Women.  They suffered a paucity of thought because they Love was never their true intent in life and they were defined by their envy and self hatred.
Attrition weakened Son of Man to the point where he could die.  Not a one of the other ape men who had come to stand up on two legs like he did stood by his side.  Not a one stood by his side in unity for what he stood for when the hour was nigh.  Son of Man did not understand why they acted the way they did towards him.  Through the ages God saw all this happening and watched how creation would treat such an image of himself.   The question was would God allow those who persecuted his image to exist?  Would God allow those who tormented his likeness on earth to rein forever?  God identified with Son of Man in his struggle through life greatly.  One day God said, “I cannot stand in judgment of this world any longer I will take earthly form in completeness with Son of Man and leave it up to the will of all that I have created and not myself to decide the fate of all that I created.”  God himself could no longer decide the fate of his creations.  He would become one with them in being with Son of Man.
Neither the progeny of Ape Woman nor Son of Man ever caught on that this had happened.
Son of Man and God in One sought to procreate but ape woman instructed her progeny not to allow it.  They sought to make him disgusted with women.  Son of Man and God in one became sad with his seemingly imperfections of creation.  No woman ape would love Son of Man.  It was against the code Ape Woman had taught them.
One day progeny of ape woman ganged up on the Son of Man and God in one.  The now weakened Son of Man and the spirit of creation were destroyed.  It took awhile but the world absent and devoid of the spirit of creation, that it had destroyed slowly came apart and disintegrated along with the entire universe and everything.  The progeny of Ape Woman suffered in agony in their final days just as they had made the Son of Man suffer, but only worse in his absence.  After the Son of Man died they lived wretched lives of horror, each other then became the object of their destruction in the absence of Son of Man.  They had never learned any other way in life other than prayers of destruction.  Having never learned any other way they were never able to teach any better way.  The dark forces of destruction they preached consumed them and the infinite existence that the Son of Man had created.  Through all of infinite eternity that followed their wretched souls moaned in pain for misery they felt.  And each heard the others pain and suffering.  Misery did not love company in this void.  Misery made misery worse.  Their disembodied spirits never once considered what they had done to Son of Man.  They never regretted what they had done to the spirit of creation. They never once had atonement for the spirit of creation.  They never once realized they would have never existed if not for the spirit of creation.
They created the perfect trap for their souls of destruction, to escape they only had to feel guilt and then will or pray that Son of Man would return.   A trap they would never through eternity have the means of escaping from.  And that is how the world ended.
 Son of Man and the spirit of creation had believed the spirit of his creations would ultimately save creation.  The creations of the unified Son of Man failed him and all of all creation fell victim to the destructive willful spirit of Ape Woman and her progeny.   It was all of creation that was to come apart to its most minute elements never to be reformed.
God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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