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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

LESS THAN HUMAN 10 06 2010

They steal the souls of those they want to become, but they are never really them.  And that is why this country has not made any progress in the last fifty years. 
1.     Our cars still on only get 20 miles per gallon.
2.     There has been little new talent in this country why?  Same reason they steal the souls of the real talent thinking that they can become them, but they never truly are, they are something lesser.  Listen to your radio, how many of the voices on there really have singing talent?  Watch American Idol, very little talent if any was found.  Same reason.
3.     You can make the same comparison from today to fifty years ago and come up with the same results.  They have sold the soul of the United States of America and the world.
Any person who would steal the souls of another is less than human.  To cause the amount of pain and suffering they do to one percent of our population in order to “get ahead” you would have to be less than human.  They think they are getting ahead by what they do but they are really holding our country behind.
To even be able to cause this much suffering in someone, to be the kind of “person” that even enjoys doing this, you would have to be less than human.
This country should never fight another war ever, there is plenty of evil right here that we must stand up to.  If we stand up to what is wrong here, we will never need to fight another war.  We could bring our troops home from every military base in the world.  We could convert them to something else before we left, like the French did with the Statue of Liberty.
They like nothing more than to discredit those whose souls they have stolen, they do this through psychiatry.  They also like nothing more than to distract and ruin the work of someone they have victimized, so that they do not feel like they are indeed who and what they are.  For sadists to see who and what they are torturing and the professional work they do causes a break in reality to the delusions they have created in themselves.  It literally makes them psychotic to see the excellent works of those they victimize, it makes them totally psychotic.  That is who we are dealing with!
I am taking a risk speaking against them, but somebody has to.  Because they are less than human and they do not even know it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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