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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The L Tryptophan Conspiracy 07 28 2010

The L Tryptophan Conspiracy 07 28 2010

     The real reason L Tryptophan was banned is a matter of conspiracy. And I also know the real reason why it was unbanned.
     Demonologists cannot live off the stolen souls of others if the people that they stole them from are happy.
     L Tryptophan produces Serotonin the feel good neurotransmitter or chemical in the brain. Serotonin is boosted during acts of kindness and love. Rats are healthier when fed L Tryptophan.
     I believe quite strongly that the L Tryptophan that was tainted and killed a dozen or so people decades ago was done so purposefully. That it killed people would be the only way they could justify banning it.
     Why would they ban it?
     Demonologists experience love by depriving others of love. They are the exact opposite of people. They thrive on evil the gleefully experience as they foresee others not to love themselves. They never truly knew love themselves so evil became a substitute for love for them. When a demon cannot hear you thinking because you are relaxed they start to cry. I am not sure why, maybe to them you are their father and they think when they don't hear you, their father is dead.
     Why was L Tryptophan unbanned? Because Non-Lethal weapons that were developed to make people miserable anyway.
     If you do not believe me. Take a pill of L-Tryptophan and go somewhere, there will be a demon waiting to ruin your day, and if they are their already they will catch up. Watch and see if when you are relaxed and happy the demons cry.

God Bless Those Not of Demon

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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