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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Children Demonized 07 28 2010

Children Demonized 07 28 2010
     As if it lies behind General Custard’s line of defenses, the core of every religion in the United States is Demonology.
     I heard this on the television yesterday and it is loosely quoted but the meaning is the same, "Some children were born to be bullied, they have the victim of bullying gene." Now this was on Network Television. They are blaming the victim and not the perpetrators. Why? Demonology!
     These children that are bullied are probably the only ones born to really care for others. Is it not more human to not want to cause physical harm to others? These children that are being bullied are probably the best and brightest in this country at least as compared to the bully’s? Now they are to be labeled genetically different. This is reverse racism perpetrated by demonologists. Demonology runs through all religions and layers of society.
     Not only do the Roman Catholic Priests molest to create victims like these children that are labeled as different but so have Rabbi’s.
     Because the Catholic Church has been censored by society for molesting we now see a nationwide effort to explain that children bullied are genetically different?
     President Clinton would be one to get his figures correct and he said we are all pretty much genetically the same.
     What then makes us different is how we were raised. George Bush preached family values, I doubt he had any. His no child left behind policy is not what it seems to be on the surface.
     There were nuances of George Bush’s behavior that tell me he was psychotic or evil. Like when he glared into the television camera when he was to debate for the election. Is it just me that see's when it comes time to debate, the Republican candidates often find excuses to stay home sick and not turn in their homework on that day. Well that is how he looked.
     George Bush's No Child Left Behind Policy paved the way for Demonology. And it is enforced today with non-lethal weapons of influence.
     In the case of No Child Left Behind, it means the wrong children will be left behind. It used to be the big dumb bullies left behind until they became good people.
     It will be the case that good people will be left behind as they are sure to put those they labeled as genetically different children on the demonology medicines that Zombify. Instead of helping them, the good, they are to become the victims.
     This will further limit any future this country will have and set another bad example for the world in terms of leadership. It is indeed a sign of the "End Times".
     Demonology as I define it is, "Those that live off the intellects of others to others exclusion of themselves." Never will the victimizers in bullying have the true potential of the ones they demonize. This is how mediocrity has been fostered in this country and the prevalence of white collar "Service" type jobs. As demonologists have gained power and influence in this country since WWII.
     Demonology is nothing new. When you see that man (a Jew) accused of being perfect and sold for thirty pieces of silver, by Judas (a Jew) to the Roman Pontius Pilot and nailed to the cross to die. These are demonologists.  And I am not generalizing that all people in these groupings or races are evil for I know that is not true and far from true.  More to the contrary I have never felt more comfortable or at home when exercising in the gym with Jews. But I will make the bold statement of fact that organized crime in this country was formed by a handshake between one representative of each of these peoples, that long ago conspired against Jesus Christ. There are demonologists in every race creed, color and religion and they are evil.
   The victims of bullying that will be demonized by our society are not the true demons, just like psychiatric patients are not the true dangers to our society, those that demonize them are. And there are exceptions to this also, like the kid who swings the three foot metal L square at another high school student who never caused him any trouble at all.  So maybe there is a gray area there that only God could truly adjudicate or decide. But indeed the ones who do the bullying are the demons. And they should be LEFT BEHIND and stigmatized in our society before they end up ruling it. But it is too late through money gained through demonology they already ruling it.
     What happens to the demonologist’s whey they get older and indeed cannot solve simple problems quickly like a leaking oil well? They do all they truly ever knew how to do, blame someone else and demonize. In this case they want to legitimize the demonology of children in our society so they do not have to think for themselves, and can absolve themselves semantically of being guilty of any crime. And also deny themselves any guilt that is a big part of humanity. Demonology is finding a scapegoat to think for you because you never really learned to yourself. It is witchcraft. If there were witch trials today quite a few would be hung, because it is practiced today subliminally with the aid of nonlethal weapons of "influence" that cause pain. There will never be witch trials today because demonologist are in power and lobby to stay that way.
     A demonologist can indeed possess someone to do things against their will, by catching them off guard, overexerted or at their weakest moments. They are not hunters of animals for they hate the sight of blood but they would wait all day to cause possess and cause physical harm to others. And they are being trained to do this in our society.
     The parents of a bully could no longer bare the shame for their demon child. They will not recognize any guilt themselves so why should their children be guilty of bullying and victimizing? They could not teach that child it is wrong to harm others, because they do not know that themselves. They could not teach that child that it is wrong to be jealous and act out and that instead the child should try and learn to do better, because they don't know this themselves.
     So what are they going to do now? Legitimize his/her behavior by saying the victims of bullying are genetically different. This next point is line with the premise, President Clinton, a democrat, pointed out. I can tell you for a fact that if these children are genetically different it is because their genes did indeed change expression from the bullying. This is similar but different from the old school psychological term, "learned helplessness".
     It is the demonology parents of the bully that were not strong enough to raise their children properly.
     Practitioners of demonology are the great imposter's of our society. They have stolen souls. Failing everything else in our country, The United States of America, they want to further legitimize and legalize the stealing of souls at a young age.
     If you want to know who will cause the apocalyptic end times of our world foretold in the Bible, it is demonologists.
     On a lighter note, what is it with words that end with ist? It is almost as if it is a queer misconjugation of the verbiage, "TO BE". It is almost as if any word with the ending presence of "IST" makes it an OXYMORON.
     Silver Metrologists, Behaviorists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Demonologists, Internists, Funeral Parlorgists, Political Strategists.

And is it Theologists or Theologian?

God Bless Those Who Truly Care For Others

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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