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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Judas and the Rapture 10 29 2011

Judas and the Rapture 10 29 2011

The one accounting term that Judas never knew regarding Jesus Christ has to do with the rapture.  And I am going to try and explain it to you but this is the essence of it, “It only comes back to me naturally if it is due to me!”

You cannot say that people who would enjoy torturing and putting an innocent and good man, a Jew, to the cross are men.  So if they are not men- they are something less.  What are they then?  They are something that lives off the soul of men in order to sustain their outward physical identity as men.

Jesus could always summon great strength whenever he needed it because it was due to him from those who lived off of his soul as their identity.  You could say that he had the strength of ten men but it would not be true because it was indeed all his strength that was stolen from him that returned to him.  He was the source of his own strength!

But getting to the point regarding Judas and accounting; after Judas sold Jesus and Jesus was tortured and murdered the soul of Jesus returned to him in heaven because it was his and it was due to him!

Judas then killed himself.  Why?  Because he never had properly accounted for the greatest thing about himself; something that wasn’t of himself- what was due to Jesus.  Do you get it?  Judas the accountant never recognized his liability to Jesus Christ!  There was very little of Judas that liked itself without the presence of Jesus's soul in the world.  Judas probably reverted to the personality of a miserable undisciplined child without the soul of Jesus.  And becuase part of him was then missing, the part that he did not account for, in misery; he killed himself.  Believe it!

Capitalism today does not recognize its liability to the living Gods it creates by fragmenting their souls and labeling them schizophrenic.

You wouldn’t believe it or understand it unless it was done to you.  And then they would never leave you alone!  Why?  Because the life’s energy of the soul they stole from you returns to you when you need it because it is due to you!  And it kills them when it happens!!!  They could be very far away, like ten miles or more and it does not matter.

They are not men who do this, even though some physically look like men.  It is very interesting that some of your antipsychotic “medicine” like Risperdal are basically female hormones!  It tells you what they want to make out of men!  But not why, I told you why.

  All you need to summon that strength is to be free from them.  That is why the U.S. is no longer a nation of freedom.  Jesus was a Jew and he was far different from another Jew- Judas.  In life you basically have three different people, those like Jesus who know the bad are stealing souls, those many that Jesus could feed who lived off his soul and wouldn’t admit it, and the general people who are unaware of the modern archetypes of Jesus and Judas.  And you can easily see why the Judas side will never admit this, although this essay should make them think twice about not doing so.  You will never see a manual that defines those they would like to mandate on medicine have the terminology, “This individual believes that he is Judas.”

Here is how it would play out in the psychiatrist’s office,

“Doctor I am Judas.”

A long pause occurs.

“So am I,” replies the doctor and they both laugh.

“Who shall we demonize today then?”

Thomas Paul Murphy

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